Heather's Contract

Below are scans from copies of the court documents I received (public records) from the L.A. County Superior Court. Ordinarily contracts between actors and studios are kept confidential, but because Heather was a Minor, the Court had to approve her contract, and thus it was submitted as a public record as part of the approval process. Interesting to note that Heather was paid $75,000 to do "Poltergeist II," but was given $140,000 to do "Poltergeist III." As you'll see in the scans, there was also some uncertainty at the time as to whether a TV series pilot that Heather had filmed ("Here to Stay") would get picked up (it didn't). If it had, the TV show producers would have had to find some way to work with MGM to allow Heather to do both (since the TV show would have started filming in May 1987, right in the middle of the P3 shooting schedule).