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Gary Sherman Interview Excerpt



I: Do you find it a frustration making your films for an audience that might miss the points you’re trying to make?

GS: No because I feel like I’ve done my best to live a life informed by those ideas. The most important thing to me in my movies has always been my characters just like the most important thing in life should be the people around us. Even stuff I’ve done mainly for the money like Poltergeist III, which was such a nightmare. Losing Heather in the middle of it was so awful. But ultimately we tried to make a movie about how society perceived this little girl. And I’m still close to people from that project like Zelda Rubenstein.

I: Wow! Zelda’s still plugging away?

GS: Oh yeah. Zelda’s definitely alive and kickin’. I talk to her all the time. She’ll call up and talk to me in that voice of hers, “Hey Gary. How ya doin’ it’s Zelda!” She’s so sweet. I’d love to work with her again sometime.

I: Speaking of characters!

GS: Right, characters are what it’s all about though. Once you forget that the characters in your movie have to be alive for your audience you lose the whole thing, you lose the audience and the movie. My favorite films are Woody Allen films. I mean, I don’t want to make a Woody Allen film. It’s never gonna happen…